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Qadiriyyah (Arabic: القادريه, Turkish: Kadirilik) (also transliterated Kadri, Elkadry, Kadray, Qadiri or Qadri), is one of the oldest Sufi tariqas. It derives its name from Abdul-Qadir Gilani (also transliterated as "Jil lani" or "Jailani" and "Jilali" in the Maghreb) (1077-1166), a native of the Iranian province of Gilan. In 1134 he was made principal of a Sunni Hanbalite school in Baghdad.

The Order is the most widespread of the Sufi Orders in the Islamic world and can be found in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, the Balkans as well as much of the East and West Africa, like Morocco. There are even small groups in Europe and the Americas. The famous traveller and writer Isabelle Eberhardt also belonged to the Qadiri order.

Spiritual Chain

This is the spiritual chain (silsilah) of the Qadiriyyah:
Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani's silsilah also goes back to the Muhammad through the following chain (silsila):

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